The Forest

Ever mystical, ever mysterious. The Forest is the life of the world and all life comes from the Forest. In the dawn of time the Forest reached from the gulf all the way to all of the crescent of mountains. Every acre of land was covered with the thick trees of the Forest.

When Enoch created the Palo, he told his creations to stay away from the Forest fearing that the other Eves would find them. But as the Palo were forced downward from the mountains they were secluded to by the Folam, they started to chop down the trees of the Forest to make new homes. Over the centuries they expanded more and more into the Forest creating what is known as the prairie and the steppe.

As the forest retreated, it sometimes fought back. The dead spirits of those lost to the destruction of the Forest haunt on the edges for passersby to be tormented. Alaun and Ovella alike know to respect the ancient Forest and to leave it be, now relying on lesser woods left behind in the prairie for timber and resources.

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