For the Protectors

The followers for the Protectors believe Enoch a destroyer of humankind and reject his creation of them. This was started by the people who lived in the southern counties of the Ialnem during Enoch's Purge because they were in the areas being the most ravaged by it. Because of the Purge, a ritual of cremating bodies after death was formed to stop them from rising again. Fire is seen as a blessing at the inception of the religion because of its use against the Purge. Now it has morphed to an irrational way thinking of Water used to cleanse everything.

In their mourning ritual, all are cremated despite any wishes to the contrary. Ashes are then thrown into the wind and do not touch any water to avoid contamination.

The Gray Ladies are the remnants of For the Protectors in the present day of Ialnem. They bleach their hair and wash it several times a day ceremoniously to cleanse their sins.

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For the Rebirth

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