The Beginning

After a thousand years of generations after Enoch created the forty Palo beings in the Cradle, there were at least a million Palo beings living in the mountains in hundreds of different tribes. Most of the tribes migrated northward around the crescent of mountains fearing to go down below into the Forest. Those that did not receive Enoch's gift of the unripened Fruit from the Tree of Life are known as the Alaun.

War with the Folams

Some Alaun of the Northern mountains discovered the island where Isatu and his Folams dwelt and they were slain. Then Isatu unleashed his ravenous creatures of Folams through the mountains to wipe out the tribes of Alaun in the north.

The Northern mountain men were forced into the Forest after the Folams ran them out of their mountains. With a better diet from the fruit and animals of the forest, more space and wood to create houses, the tribes of Alaun started to create towns and farms like the society of Ovella to the west, but not as sophisticated. Soon many other mountain tribes along the eastern and southeastern mountains were run out of the mountains and into the now clearing land and receding forest. Societies of Alaun were formed, but they were very scattered and isolated from one another because of different cultures and languages. The Folams then started to move onto the prairie where the new towns of Alaun lay and attacked their villages there as well. So the Alaun started to build walls around their towns. Being isolated in their own walled cities made them even more distant from the other tribes. The Wall-men built all the great walled cities of the early days of Alaun.

The First Unification of the Alaun

One woman united all the prairie tribes of Alaun in the east into one coalition to drive out the Folams from their land. Adgonna became the first queen of Alaun under a unified nation. Alauns lived in peace and spread cutting down more of the Forest. They started to build more towns that had little to no walls. Adgonna set up her stronghold in Ionmur, one of the last great walled cities from that age.

The Conquering of the Alaun

Both kingdoms of Ovella and Alaun expanded deeper into the Forest until the stretch of forest that divided them in the south. The Ovella were inquisitive about these new people, but the Alaun were fearful of the Ovella. The new king of the Alaun, the great grandson of Adgonna, wanted the Ovella's land in the west so he declared war. The Ovellan King would not allow these primitive people to ransack their lands so he launched his army of soldiers on horseback that drove back and conquered all of the Alaun's kingdom. The king of the Alaun seceded his crown to the King of the Ovella making him the first Emperor of the new Ovellan Empire. The emperor gave the new kingdom in the east to his brother to rule as king.

The Divided Empire

The Ovellan ruled the kingdom, the Alaun toiled in the fields. The Ovella had instituted the religion of the Eves and how they were the guardians and watchers of all Palo, caring for them and the world. Also the Ovellan language heavily influenced the current language of Alaun, the writing, and the way words were spoken.

Both kingdoms became distant from each other with the vast distance between them and as the lineage of kings grew more and more separated in family. The Ovellan civilization in the west started to become more democratic and their religion moved toward more non-violence and the striving of intellect.

Enoch's Purge

The Ovellan religion of the West forbade any weapons whatsoever within the societies of the primitive Alaun. This is why the Alaun's way of fighting was mostly through wrestling and punching. But when the Purge occurred, this left Alauns helpless because they couldn’t fight off the hordes of walking dead with no weapons to defend themselves, and the Ovella refused to give them weapons, instead fighting to defend only themselves.

The Religion of the Northeast worshipped Enoch as the creator of mankind and the savior to all. They saw the Purge as a rightful and a needed cleansing because the people of the north were ignorant to the devastation going on in the South. The southern half of kingdom sought salvation mostly from the Eves. They did not think the Purge was just because it was ravaging their land.

When the Purge ended there was then a vacuum of power with much of the Ovellan lords dead. There was a huge hole in people to tend the farms and land. The breaking of the Ovellan rule brought farm hands and peasants (Alaun) to become more powerful in the vacuum. This led to Anlaith's crusade to take back the country for the Alaun.

Anlaith's Reconquering

When Anlaith's army conquered the last Ovellan stronghold, the Ovellan king performed the ceremonial surrendering of the crown to Anlaith thus Anlaith became the first Alaun King in centuries. He set up his capital back at the original capital before the Ovellan rule at Ionmur.

Ovellans retreated back to the West as the Alaun and their new kingdom secluded themselves. They forbade the existence of any Ovella in their land and execute any that are found.

Throughout the four hundred years after Anlaith's Reconquering, the Ovella kept a secret watch over their doings including the rise of the new revolutionary who would try to unite all Alaun of the prairie and mountains as a more unified country and a potential threat.

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